All of our cakes are freshly baked to order, using the finest quality ingredients to ensure your cake not only looks flawlessly beautiful, but tastes amazing too.  Below are some of our most popular flavours.


Courvoisier V S Cognac infused luxurious delicious rich fruit cake (6 weeks notice, to allow the flavours to develop and mature)

lMadagascan vanilla cake with  Madagascan vanilla buttercream and a choice of jams, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry & Champagne or berries & cherries

Madagascan vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache filling and raspberry conserve.

Lemon Limoncello cake, brushed with an Italian Limoncello syrup, then filled with Limoncello lemon buttercream.  We can also add a layer of delicious lemon curd.

Orange Blossom cake, brushed with an orange syrup, then filled with orange buttercream.  We can also add a layer of delicious orange curd and a dash of Cointreau to the buttercream or syrup.

Almond Amaretto cake with an Amaretto buttercream filling.

Double Chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache filling.  (We can also add a layer of conserve such as berries and cherries)

Wild Blueberry & Maple Syrup - Wild blueberry & maple syrup cake with a wild blueberry and maple syrup infused buttercream filling.

Lime & Coconut cake with a zesty lime buttercream filling, lime curd can also be added.

Busy Bee Honeycomb - Delicious Madagascan vanilla cake with pieces of homemade honeycomb drizzles with a honey syrup and a delicate honey buttercream filling

Chocolate & Espresso, our chocolate cake with a chocolate & espresso coffee buttercream filling 

Salted Caramel cake, with salted caramel & delicious salted caramel buttercream filling.

Mayan Mexican Vanilla & coffee cake with a Mexican 'Kahlua' coffee buttercream filling

Chocolate & Oreo, our delicious double chocolate cake with a vanilla and oreo cookie buttercream filling.

Honey & lavender cake with a delicate honey and lavender buttercream filling.

Cherry Bakewell - deliciously moist almond cake with almond buttercream and Morello cherry conserve filling.

Chocolate & passion fruit cake - chocolate cake with passion fruit curd filling and a layer of passion fruit buttercream.

Chocolate orange cake - chocolate & orange cake with a delicious orange curd and orange buttercream filling.


As much as you will enjoy our cakes, we are required to advise you of any possible allergens that are used in the baking and / or decorating of our cakes and baked goods.  These are listed below.

Cereals containing gluten



Nuts - Marzipan (almond paste)

 We do offer delicious gluten free or nut free options.  If you have any food allergy requirements please advise us prior to ordering, many thanks

Note:  Single occasion cakes (birthday, christening, etc.) start from 8" in size